Dressage Whip

A dressage whip is made so that the rider can tap the horse behind their leg without having to take their hands off of the horse’s reins. A dressage whip is used for training exercises in which the horse’s front and hind quarters move independently.

The whip isn’t meant to correct the horse, but rather to clarify signals when teaching. This type of whip is also often used by sidesaddle riders where it is carried on the right side. These are the aristocrats of whips, made from the finest material and workmanship. They come in ranges of 30” to 42” shaft lengths and feature a 6″ braided black popper, 7″ leather handle, and a chrome ferrule with a large chrome end cap. Made in U.S.A.

Shaft Colors:
Available in Black only

Handle Colors:
(7) Black, Hunter Green, Grey, Red, White, Navy, and Burgundy

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