We Hold Ourselves To Higher Standards.

From our factory to the wide-open field, every step in our process is guided by this philosophy: When we make our products, we make them the way they should be made. We stand behind our products 100% to ensure complete satisfaction with each customer.

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Made Here

We’re convinced “Made in the USA” still means something—namely better quality. That’s why we personally oversee the manufacturing of every product that leaves our headquarters in Miami, OK.

This means you only buy the products that meet our demanding standards.

It’s really that simple.


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Sourced Here

Not only are the products you buy American made, so are the premium raw materials they’re made from.

We only do business with providers who take their commitment to quality as seriously as we do.

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Tested Here

Our products are tested by scorching heat, sub-zero wind chill, months of sun and rain—all in our backyard—before they appear on store shelves.

And if our customers have a suggestion or criticism, we head right back into our production facility to start refining.

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Our Mission

Provide quality products and outstanding service to our customers, be a valued partner to our suppliers, provide opportunities and security for our employees and be a respected leader and contributor in our community.

Guiding Values

To produce quality products to strengthen the bond with our customers who rely on our products for their professional livelihood, competing in the show ring, and entering the animal health industry through youth associations for a rewarding lifetime with animals.

What Sets Us Apart?

Well, a lot. 
Many of our products come with the following features included.


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  • The Rubber Golf Grip is a golf style grip that is built to our specifications.
  • The Soft Rubber handle is a molded in a soft rubber material with a basket braid look.
  • A popper is a length of nylon braided material attached to the end of whip that makes the cracking sound. 
  • A bat top is a sewn leather piece that is attached to the end of a riding bat.
  • The DW36W, DW39W and the ET39R are all great choices for showing pigs.
  • The SM54R or the SM60R are used in showing cattle.

This varies at different equine events. Please check with the event you are attending for rules on length.

Lunge Whips like the LW7278R are used for training or exercising a horse, typically in round pens.

The mesh allows the animal to breath and still be able to drink water, but will keep them from eating (cribbing) on the fence or bedding.

Yes! They are different in size and fit each animal better.  The Goat snout is a little shorter than the Lamb.

Yes! Show Pro blankets have removable belly straps to prevent damage to your washing machine. Wash in machine, but hang to dry.

A few options, you could use a Lamb or Goat tube (a spandex material to tightly fit over the body of the animal) or Show Pro has a Cool Mesh blanket for both Lamb and Goat. The mesh allows air to flow through while keeping the animal clean.

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How Do You Like Our Products?

We love hearing about how our products are working for you! Feel free to fill out this form with your feedback or updates about competitions, pictures of our products in use—even ideas so we can make improvements or come up with something new! 

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