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Preparing for Spring and Summer Horseback Rides

April showers have brought May flowers, and with them, the perfect weather for trail riding. The sun is staying out longer, the weather grows warmer, and the trails are beckoning. Spring Maintenance For Equestrians Barn Maintenance Tips Whether you stable your horse at home or keep him at a boarding facility, there are many things that must be accomplished this time of year to prepare for summer riding and competitions. Dust, cobwebs, old straw, and other bedding, and leftover hay


Winter Storage, Cleaning and Care of Tack and Equipment

Just because the weather is turning colder doesn’t mean you can’t get out and enjoy a crisp, winter ride. In fact,  traversing a freshly powdered trail with the snow sparkling around you can be quite fun. Imagine your horse leaving silent tracks behind you as you and your four-legged pal experience the beauty and peacefulness of a winter ride. However, there are certain things you can do to best prepare for a romp through the snow which will keep you


Dealing with Seasonal Cattle Hair? Here are 5 Tips for Better Management

When preparing cattle for a stock show, their coat is of primary importance. It’s the most prominent feature and will catch the judge’s eye first. So how do you maintain a healthy layer of seasonal cattle hair all year long? Grooming cattle for a show requires more than just brushing to produce a dazzling gleam. Here are five tips for dealing with seasonal cattle hair to help you take home the prize. Learn about the hair growing cycle How fast


How to keep your show pig from running

You want to be sure you take every step possible to ensure you make a great impression when showing your pig. That means many things, from having the right tools and supplies to grooming your show pig properly, knowing when to start training, practicing driving him as often as you can, having the right registration and health forms—and of course, being patient. But when it comes to showing your pig, you need to know more than anything else how to


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