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Grooming Tips for Show Pigs, Keep em’ Looking Sweet

Fair Season is upon us, and you’re probably getting ready to show all your livestock. When it comes to showing pigs, however, there are some things you need to take into consideration. Your pig doesn’t just have to look good to score, it has to behave appropriately as well. Taking some time to properly prepare your pig for its time in the show ring is a good way to make sure your pig not only looks the best it can,


Preparing for Spring and Summer Horseback Rides

April showers have brought May flowers, and with them, the perfect weather for trail riding. The sun is staying out longer, the weather grows warmer, and the trails are beckoning. Spring Maintenance For Equestrians Barn Maintenance Tips Whether you stable your horse at home or keep him at a boarding facility, there are many things that must be accomplished this time of year to prepare for summer riding and competitions. Dust, cobwebs, old straw, and other bedding, and leftover hay


Show Pig Nutrition: A Beginner’s Guide

Genetics, good management, and a healthy environment all play a key role in raising winning show pigs. Yet many people overlook an equally important aspect of show pig care: nutrition. Simply put, if you don’t feed your pig the right way, you don’t stand much of a chance at winning a livestock competition.  Many beginners overestimate just how easy it is to feed a show pig correctly. In fact, it takes just the right type of feed to raise a


7 Western Horseback Riding Tips For Beginners

When you saddle up for an afternoon of western horseback riding, you want to be able to trot off with confidence in yourself and in your equine partner. These helpful beginner horseback riding tips will help you  know how to mount a horse, what to wear, and the essential tools an equestrian needs.  Tip #1: Wear Proper Clothing The best attire for riding horses is a pair of comfortable pants and a great pair of boots. Your pants need to


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