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4 Tips for Gathering and Moving Cattle from the Pasture

Moving and gathering cattle from the pasture are essential tasks for ranchers to accomplish, in order to move the herd from one pasture to another or into holding pens for husbandry purposes. Depending on the techniques used, this task can either be a smooth process or a frustrating mess. In an effort to help it be a smooth process, let’s discuss 4 tips for moving and gathering cattle from the pasture. 1. Finding the Herd: Initially, the cattle must be


Pre-Conditioning Calves: Tips to Increase Profits

Raising cows for slaughter or sale is undeniably profitable, but it’s also a delicate process. This is especially true when it comes to weaning and preparing your calves for market. Separating calves from their mothers is a very stressful experience for the calves that can lead to more than just pacing and bawling. The stress from weaning can cause your calves to lose weight, get sick, and die from cattle illnesses either during weaning or when they commingle with calves


How to Design a Low-Cost Cattle Handling Facility

Processing and working with cattle is made much easier when a rancher’s cattle handling facility is designed well. The size and type of facility depends on the operation in question, yet each will have some common design elements involved. Let’s explore this topic more by discussing low-cost cattle handling facility design. Purposeful Design Cattle handling facilities are designed with the purpose of moving the animals into a squeeze chute or for loading them into a truck; either way, they consist


Simple Tips for Sorting Cows from Calves During the Weaning Process

Separating calves from their mothers is one of the most stressful periods of their lives, yet is necessary for important reasons. The good news is: there are simple techniques and strategies ranchers can use to ease this transition, which saves money for ranchers and stress for the animals and workers alike. In this regard, let’s examine some simple tips for sorting cows from calves during the weaning process. Why Weaning is Necessary The work cycle of a ranch revolves around


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