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Calf Scours: Symptoms, Causes, And Treatments

Calf scours sometimes referred to as enteritis (inflammation of the intestines), doesn’t refer to a specific disease. It’s a symptom – diarrhea – that is associated with a variety of diseases that occur within the first month of a calf’s life. Diarrhea makes it difficult for a calf’s body to absorb water. Considering a calf’s body is about 70% water when it’s born, scours can quickly cause dehydration, triggering electrolyte (sodium and potassium) loss, acidosis (acid buildup), and even death.


A Beginner’s Guide To Lamb And Goat Tubes

Lamb tubes and goat tubes are comfortable attire used by producers and showmen in the days leading up to a livestock exhibition. The tubes fit over an animal’s freshly clipped  body to ensure it stays clean. Tubes are constructed from a spandex blend that fits tightly against the animal without causing discomfort. Lamb and goat tubes are designed for use with show animals. Tubes can be used by  young children learning the ropes of the show industry through 4-H and


How To Select and Use The Right Show Pig Whip

Pig shows are a popular American pastime where we can express our passion and get rewarded for our skills and commitment . These shows allow breeders to observe how their stock compares and learn from other professionals. Younger competitors also have an opportunity to earn money for college by raising and showing pigs. And one of the best parts of the entire experience: pig shows allow enthusiasts from across the area to connect with each other. Competitors have two options


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