A Beginner’s Guide To Lamb And Goat Tubes

Lamb tubes and goat tubes are comfortable attire used by producers and showmen in the days leading up to a livestock exhibition. The tubes fit over an animal’s freshly clipped  body to ensure it stays clean. Tubes are constructed from a spandex blend that fits tightly against the animal without causing discomfort. Lamb and goat tubes are designed for use with show animals. Tubes can be used by  young children learning the ropes of the show industry through 4-H and FFA to the most experienced breeder in open shows on state, regional, and national levels.  

The purpose of the lamb and goat tubes is rather simple; they help prevent fungus by offering a protective layer from the outside elements, they prevent the animal from becoming sunburnt, and lastly they offer a way to ensure that your animal’s hide feels and handles correctly on day of show. The tubes are generally used two or three days before a  show to prevent fungus, sunburn, and begin perfecting an animal’s rack and loin shape. Fungus is a major issue in the livestock industry. Animals that show signs of fungus will be ask to leave the show ring. Fungus can leave permanent damage to an animal if not treated in a timely manner. Tubes help preserve a clean healthy hide or coat making managing fungus a much simpler task

Tubes are a comfortable option of attire for showstock in warm temperatures. This is when an animal is most at risk of becoming stressed from the heat. In addition, tubes can protect the animal from irritating fly and mosquito bites in sultry summers.   

How To Use Your Lamb and Goat Tube

The elasticity allows tubes to be put on and taken off animals in a timely manner. Tubes come in different sizes based on the animal’s weight. When choosing a tube simply select the tube that best matches your animal’s weight. When in doubt, go with the next largest size rather than risking a smaller and tighter fit.

Tubes have openings that fit comfortably around the animal’s head and legs. They also have openings that allow the animal  to urinate and defecate naturally. When positioning the tube on an animal, take time to align the openings properly, this allows  for the animal’s comfort and to ensure that urine and feces won’t collect along the edges of the fabric.

What Makes a Quality Lamb or Goat Tube?

Showpro tubes are made of spandex which provides a 4-way stretch for ideal fit.  Spandex is made to stretch, but can be subject to becoming ripped if snagged on a rigid object in the animals pen.  Showpro tubes are machine washable. As with any spandex product, you should wash in cool or cold water and on gentle cycle when possible. Let each tube air dry to prevent shrinkage and never use bleach on them.



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