B-Ewe-tiful Partnership: US Whip Pairs With NEO Livestock Judges

baby lamb

Acclaimed. Long-standing. Prize-worthy. Yes, you could apply those words to US Whip’s lamb products. But you could also use those accolades about Northeast Oklahoma A&M’s (NEO) livestock judging program, which just so happens to be among the country’s cream of the crop. That’s why we’re proud to have students from their agriculture department helping us […]

4 Pro Tips to Prevent Sheep Wool Fungus at Home and at Shows

Regardless of whether you are a newcomer to the show world or a seasoned veteran, you realize how much work is needed to prepare your sheep for the exhibition. Among the many requirements, participating animals have to be free of any contagious or infectious diseases. Most states will require proof of this, usually in the […]

A Beginner’s Guide To Lamb And Goat Tubes

Lamb tubes and goat tubes are comfortable attire used by producers and showmen in the days leading up to a livestock exhibition. The tubes fit over an animal’s freshly clipped  body to ensure it stays clean. Tubes are constructed from a spandex blend that fits tightly against the animal without causing discomfort. Lamb and goat […]

How to Treat and Prevent Sheep Wool Fungus

Raising, breeding, and exhibiting market lambs and sheep can be both fun and profitable. It can also be a challenge when you are faced with preventing and treating sheep wool fungus. Ringworm in sheep is caused by two different types of fungi: Trichophyton and Microsporum, which could bind parasites to the sheep’s wool. Ringworm not […]

How to Shear Your Sheep

Shearing a sheep is not a simple task, which is why many animal owners approach it with a sense of dread. It is necessary, though for the health and comfort of your sheep and fortunately it’s only something that you need to tackle once per year. You can sheer your sheep with a pair of […]