Stock Whip 50″ w/ 18″ Lash, Soft Rubber Handle

The #1 bestselling American-Made stock-whip is an essential part of a cattleman’s toolbox. Great for working livestock on the ranch. As many stock handlers know, the use of a proper whip is an indispensable tool for the many sorting operations required in the handling of livestock. The stock whip is designed with an action that allows it to easily break the sound barrier and generate a loud “pop” or cracking sound to control or motivate cattle.

Stock whips feature a 6″ to 18″ lash with a white braided popper, available with a soft rubber handle or rubber golf grip. Made in U.S.A.

Shaft Colors:
(5) Black/White, Blue/White, Neon Green/White, Orange/White, and Red/White

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