How to Choose a Cattle Show Stick

By the time you get to a show ring with your calf, you’ve already made a significant time and resource investment in their care. Since you’ve put attention to detail into their housing, nutrition, and health, you will also want to do the same with their training and showing. As it gets close to time to put your efforts on display, you will need a show stick to help you in the ring. Here is what you need to know about this important piece of cattle show equipment as well as how to choose the right cattle show stick for your needs.

What is a Cattle Show Stick and Why You Use It

A cattle show stick is a tool that both helps calm your animal and assists with their feet placement in the ring. Most show sticks have a long shaft like a golf club with a dull hook and point at one end. One way to use the stick is to gently scratch the animal’s belly or brisket to calm it down. Another use for the show stick is to place the animal’s feet while in the ring.

Some exhibitors also use their show sticks for other animal control issues. For example, if the animal is moving too fast, placing the stick in front of their nose can slow them down. The stick can also be used for posture, called “loining,” or “raking the top.”

How to Choose a Cattle Show Stick

There are some common misconceptions about choosing the right show stick. Show sticks are available in a variety of colors and patterns, which you can choose according to your tastes and personality. The most important aspect of your show stick, however, is its length. Contrary to popular belief, short competitors shouldn’t have shorter sticks, and tall competitors shouldn’t have longer sticks. It’s exactly the opposite.

A short exhibitor often needs a longer show stick so that they are able to reach the animal’s hind feet without effort or stretching. Conversely, a taller exhibitor won’t need as much reach, so the length of their show stick can be a bit shorter. Also, if you are competing in showmanship or confirmation classes, a black or silver show stick is probably the best choice. Otherwise, feel free to choose more distinct colors and patterns.

U.S. Whip’s Cattle Show Sticks

As you get ready to buy your first, or next, cattle show stick, consider the quality products from U.S. Whip. The cattle show sticks sold by U.S. Whip are made in the U.S.A. and have their craftsmanship guaranteed. These high-quality show sticks are available in four sizes from 48″ to 66″ and come in eight colors or six print patterns.

The culmination of your raising and training a calf is becoming a great showman. Having access to the right tools, such as a quality cattle show stick, can help you and your animal achieve this goal.

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