How to Choose a Cattle Show Stick

By the time you get to a show ring with your calf, you’ve already made a significant time and resource investment in their care. Since you’ve put attention to detail into their housing, nutrition, and health, you will also want to do the same with their training and showing. As it gets close to time […]

What to Know Before Moving and Sorting Cattle

 There may be a variety of reasons as to why you want to sort cattle on your ranch. It is a form of cattle handling that is considered an art form. By understanding a few cattle basics, you can be more successful when it comes to sorting your cattle and being a better handler. While […]

Five Simple Ways to Reduce Stress When Handling Cattle

The importance of integrating safe and effective practices when cattle herding has been established for years, but more recently, the emphasis on using techniques that minimize stress for the animals has come to the forefront. There are five effective simple ways to reduce stress when handling cattle which also have the potential to lead to […]

Simple Tips for Sorting Cows from Calves During the Weaning Process

Separating calves from their mothers is one of the most stressful periods of their lives, yet is necessary for important reasons. The good news is: there are simple techniques and strategies ranchers can use to ease this transition, which saves money for ranchers and stress for the animals and workers alike. In this regard, let’s […]

How to Design a Low-Cost Cattle Handling Facility

Processing and working with cattle is made much easier when a rancher’s cattle handling facility is designed well. The size and type of facility depends on the operation in question, yet each will have some common design elements involved. Let’s explore this topic more by discussing low-cost cattle handling facility design. Purposeful Design Cattle handling […]

Pre-Conditioning Calves: Tips to Increase Profits

Raising cows for slaughter or sale is undeniably profitable, but it’s also a delicate process. This is especially true when it comes to weaning and preparing your calves for market. Separating calves from their mothers is a very stressful experience for the calves that can lead to more than just pacing and bawling. The stress […]

Calf Scours: Symptoms, Causes, And Treatments

Calf scours sometimes referred to as enteritis (inflammation of the intestines), doesn’t refer to a specific disease. It’s a symptom – diarrhea – that is associated with a variety of diseases that occur within the first month of a calf’s life. Diarrhea makes it difficult for a calf’s body to absorb water. Considering a calf’s […]

4 Tips for Handling Cattle Easily and Safely

If you are thinking of raising cattle as a career or for some part-time income, you’ll need to learn how to herd cattle on horseback. This may sound intimidating on the surface, but what it really requires is the right attitude, some basic knowledge, and the proper livestock tools and equipment. Here are four tips […]

How to Prevent Calf Scours

Calf diarrhea (scours) is not only deadly, but it’s incredibly costly. Calf scours is the leading cause of death among calves under 30 days of age. This deadly disorder is the cause of more financial losses to cow-calf producers than any other health condition. Here is what you need to know about calf scours, including […]

New Livestock Technology in Cattle Farming

You may not think that technology and ranching go hand in hand, but things have changed drastically in the world of cowhands over the past few decades and that includes new technology in animal production. While you’ll still find wide open spaces and plenty of dust to satisfy your inner cattle rustler, the truth is […]

6 Essential Tools for Cattlemen

If you’re serious about raising livestock, and handling cattle, you’re going to need the right tools. Raising and having livestock can help you bring in income and save on some monthly bills, but there is an investment involved to get started and keep your operation running. Here are just eight essential tools for cattlemen so […]