English vs. Western Riding: Similarities and Differences

Have you ever wondered about the differences between English riding and Western riding? Horse people are understandably passionate about their riding style and discipline. Of course, we all tend to back up our preferred style, but there is a rhyme and reason for the characteristics of each specialty. English saddles and riding are more formal […]

How to Achieve Well-Balanced Saddle Time

We’ve all heard of work/life balance, which is a particular challenge to achieve for most people. Balance in any part of life is important, meaning one thing dominating too much time and attention could create issues in other parts of life. What does this have to do with horses and saddle time? Actually, quite a […]

12 Horse Grooming Tips and Tools You Didn’t Know About

Owning a horse comes with a range of lifestyle requirements. Having a love of riding, barns, and all things horses is something that is difficult to describe if you’re not immersed in the lifestyle yourself. One thing that most in the world of caring for your horse, would agree on is that this way of […]

Winter and Holiday Preparations for Equestrians

Winter is just around the corner as is the holiday season. This means that it’s time to get your barn ready for colder weather. If you’re planning on traveling for the holidays, you’ll need to have a plan in place for the proper care of your animals. Even you’re going to remain in the area, […]