Goat 3-in-1 Nylon Bundle

Show Pro’s 3-in-1 Starter Bundle for goats was designed for the beginner showman. The bundle includes a blanket, tube, and muzzle in one convenient package.

3 must have items for keeping your Goat show time clean, all in one package. Perfect for the first time showperson. Bundle includes (1) nylon goat blanket w/mesh butt (GBNC-MB), (1) spandex goat tube (GSX) and (1) all mesh goat muzzle (GMUZ-MESH). Solid colors only. Made in U.S.A.

Fabric Colors:
(6) Blue, Neon Green, Orange, Purple, Pink and Red

Small (40-60 LBS), Medium (60-80 LBS), Large (80-110 LBS)

Nylon Fabric in 6 color options

Includes Black Mesh Muzzle

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